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  • Samsonite Corporation


  • December 2019


MAGEN, the Hebrew word for 'shield', is a line of products aimed at saving lives through performance enhancing equipment. The two backpacks and the protective vest, Mantaray, Electricray and Stingray, are designed to streamline medical rescue operations in both combat and civilian scenarios thanks to their additional performative features described below.

After serving as a product manager in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), I experienced how in the line of duty every second counts. Working alongside combat medics and EMTs, I understood how these overlooked rescuers, with inefficient medical bags and obstructive safety gear, stand in harm's way when providing life-saving treatment.


Combat Medic

  • Unstable
  • Flimsy compartmentalization
  • Troublesome when treating injured soldier

Combat Soldier

  • Manually cut
  • Requires time and effort to remove
  • Avoid ammunition storage when cut


  • Bulky wear
  • Restricted movement
  • Heavy Duty


Stingray, a modular EMT medical bag, is designed with a concealed rapidly deployable ballistic shield for high-risk situations.

Keeping in mind the mission and the movement of the EMTs, the Stingray enables maximum functionality and protection without compromising the essential task of providing aid.


Mantaray is a user-friendly integrated medical kit bag with existing equipment (gauze, syringes) and flak jacket.

It relies on a conceptual shock absorbing mechanism, similar to the one used in vehicle suspension systems, to reduce the weight of the bag for the user.


For the benefit of the soldier, the rapid removal bulletproof vest, Electricray, allows the medic to work more quickly and effectively.

Electricray can streamline the entire process, shaving off minutes from the rescue mission which can greatly impact the lives of the soldiers out in the field.