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  • September - August 2022

At Brevitē, an e-commerce soft-goods brand, I had the opportunity to design, develop, and produce new products to add to the company's product line, ultimately more than doubling the company’s collection.


USB Evolution

In a world with so many different versions of USB connectors, the idea of a new standard may seem overwhelming.

However, with brands like Apple and Samsung switching the ports in their devices to USB type C, there is an opportunity to introduce compatible products that will facilitate this shift, such as the well-known flash drive.


New Standard

In designing a product as ubiquitous and common as a flash drive, I wanted to produce a model with a form and finish that is down to earth. Granite's elemental and decorative design aims to emphasize its name.

The granite stone's natural characteristics, elegance and colorful subtlety, were the leading guiding principles of this design.

Granite is as simple as it can be -- there are no flashy LEDs, cheap plastic parts, or unnecessary details.

Utilizing the natural colors of the granite stone enabled me to conceptualize the overall CMF aesthetic of the Granite product line.

Unlike other USB type C connectors that are made of folded metal, Granite's main body is made of one extruded anodized aluminum. It is reinforced on both ends by a snap-fit aluminum cap in its tail and the build-in USB type C pins head. That is to avoid any break-points and to ensure the durability of the flash drive.