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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • May 2019 tackles the growing global problem of urban pollution by providing a state-of-the-art, personalized, data-activated air filtration mask to empower users to protect themselves as well as granular data networks to provide governments and third parties with data insights to better manage pollution at its source.

How to design an air mask that users will preceive as comfortable, fashionable and effective?


The LED strip indicator is using socially accepted colors to inform the user and the surrounding pedestrians of the air quality around them. From green light indicating safe and clean air to red light stating highly accumulated particulates.


The silicone bits of the earpieces and of the facial interface provide maximum comfort. In addition, the earpieces enable the user to wear earphones and earpods without disturbance.

stand out

To make the mask more personalized for the user, the stylized premium front cover of the mask can be taken off and replaced with a different one. This customization of the product allows the user to design the mask according to his or her own aesthetic taste.