• Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Material Research


  • NYC Sanitation Department


  • September 2018

New York City litter basket design competition for responsible waste management.

How can we create a practical and efficient litter basket for New York City that reduces litter and better serves both sanitation workers and the public?

The stories our products tell teach us about our past and present. Litter baskets around the world recount tales of living urban organisms. After centuries of usage and myriad designs, this urban furniture entails in itself the lives of all the persons involved with it, from the "coffeeholic" pedestrian to the "invisible" sanitation worker.

Now, it is time to tell a new story. One that envisions not the past, but the future, using straightforward design to aim towards a healthier waste culture for the next 100 years.


Encapsulating pros and cons of the current baskets to better understand the requirements needed for a redesign.


Applying the best ergonomics and material use to improve the working conditions of the basket and convey a message of sustainability.


The unique curvature form of the basket allows for systematic matching, as each bin is smoothly arranged to fit one right after the other. This family of one product allows the bin to be reconfigured to a series of recycle bins.