• Concept Development
  • Material Research
  • Glassblowing


  • Work in progress

Glass is a captivating, inspiring and performative material. In this ongoing case study, I am working on creating a glass tableware product for oil and vinegar, one that will bring the magical value of this matter to the dining table.

Project is in progress.

Creating oil and vinegar dispensers as a family of products for house and restaurant dining settings.

After researching the different kinds of oil and vinegar dispensers available today, I wanted to come up with a modular design that will combine the two vessels together to create one family group.

As the two glassware products are made for use, the aesthetics of the forms and the material need to follow the function of their use.

The design nests together creating modular design that also function to save space on the table.

To create a glassware product, first, you take the molten glass out of the furnace and then shape it using your breath and different tools.

This traditional method of glass manufacturing allows one to "play" with the material, experimenting with it before sending it to mass production.

More to come