• Problem Solving
  • Ergonomics
  • Full-Scale Prototyping


  • NASA Habitability Design Center


  • May 2018

The Deep Space Station Vessel. A RISD - NASA collaboration project to design a conceptual living space for long-term, high-population space exploration missions.

How do we enhance the astronaut's motivation to exercise in a zero-gravity environment?

Space: the final frontier. Realizing this iconic phrase, my class and I were fortunate to collaborate with the habitability design division at NASA to conceptualize a living space for future deep space explorations using the DSSV - deep space station vessel.

The long journey of the DSSV to destinations such as Mars and the Moon requires consideration of the physical and emotional health of its crew members. Prioritizing the astronauts' well-being, we designed four primary systems: crew quarters, galley, hygiene, and my team's topics, entertainment & exercise.

Exercising in space is crucial. It is intended to prevent low bone density, loss of muscle, and sustain a healthy life onboard the vessel. However, unlike in the movies, it is not very entertaining and exciting.

It is rather boring and not motivating.

As we planned to design entertaining exercise systems, the goal of exercising in a zero-gravity environment had to be maintained in order to keep a healthy lifestyle - impact, cardio and strength.

Recreation center

When designing the recreational center, we’ve referenced how astronauts at the Skylab enjoyed the vast area and we wanted to create a 'Skylab 2.0' at the DSSV where astronauts could enjoy numerous activities.


The modularity of the dome is the key to its success. The configuration of the space can fit different forms of games and exercises in the large internal volume, thus facilitating a large number of people.



Rock Climbing


To fully utilize the space of the dome, we used Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome to create individual storage compartments from each hexagon.

To better understand how the astronauts will interact with the dome, we constructed a full-scale section of the dome in order to experience the ergonomics of the structure and how one can utilize it.


Exercise deck


The exercise deck uses resistive equipment to increase strength and treadmills for cardio and impact.

This communal space differentiates itself from the distant and isolated exercise machines in the ISS, but still provides the private setting for each crew member.